Wasting Your Vote & Other Lies

As a new party we hear the same advice dished out again and again – ‘Don’t waste your vote’ – unfortunately this bogus argument invariably causes many to abandon their true preferences for an unsatisfactory compromise.   This carefully crafted fable, concocted and perpetuated by the incumbent parties is designed to limit their exposure to competition from new ideas. They cleverly employ the propaganda trick of tyrants throughout the ages; if you repeat a lie loud enough and often enough eventually people will believe it.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a wasted vote. Your vote belongs to you, and no one else. It doesn’t belong to the Green Party, The Labour Party or National Party, or any party or candidate for that matter. Your vote is your voice; the ultimate expression of your right to free speech and self-government. Your vote is the most precious and meaningful gift you can give to any party. Your vote cannot be wasted, or stolen, or lost – unless you make a decision to do so.

Win or lose, voting isn’t about picking a winner. Voting is about exercising your conscience.

That said, if enough people vote for a political party on principle they can make a difference even if their party doesn’t win. They can send a clear warning that it’s time to act that ‘enough is enough.’

However, imagine if everyone who is fed up with the lack of progress by the current lot in:

  1. Improving animal welfare;
  2. Achieving environmental regeneration;
  3. Reversing the slide in NZ’s economic performance; and,
  4. Reversing our rapid decline in relative prosperity compared to other OECD countries.

Imagine if these people were to follow their hearts and voted for the Sustainable New Zealand Party.  For starters, we would see the party comfortably clear the 5% threshold.  More importantly, however, it would ensure the people of New Zealand would have a permanent presence to ensure that these matters and all others related to environmental, economic and social sustainability would be the central concern of all future NZ governments.

The goal of this campaign is to offer people the opportunity to cast their vote for something, not against something; to vote for what they want, not against what they don’t want. We want to give people the chance to present the gift of their vote to a party and a candidate who represents their principles, their ideals, their aspirations and their hopes. We want to empower people to send a clear and simple message that they will no longer tolerate New Zealand’s environmental and economic decline. This campaign is dedicated to the goal that in 2020 every person who sincerely believes in the cause of sustainability, will reject the Wasted Vote Lie and send a loud, clear and unequivocal message: ‘enough is enough’.