It’s time we stopped playing the blame game

It has been well documented that the core issues New Zealand confronts are: Continuing environmental degradation Low productivity Poor urban planning In fact, it is difficult to think of a problem in New Zealand including poverty, homelessness, inequality and sustainability that is not a symptom of the very poor management of these core issues. However, while you don’t have to look far to find the solution successfully applied by other small, advanced economies the parties currently in Parliament, for the most part, prefer to take the easy path. They distract us with scapegoating one group or the other; creating new…

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Why has MMP in NZ failed to deliver?

A troubling phenomenon continues to unfold in NZ under its system of Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP) voting. Contrary to its intent it has become a system that is undemocratic, distorts voting behaviour, and prevents the rise of new political forces. Why has MMP in NZ failed to deliver? MMP The Theory: The idea was that by denying absolute power to any one party – in effect, requiring parties to negotiate and compromise on key policies – the MMP system would force governments to become more accountable and consensus-driven. A bonus was that by giving greater power to minor parties, MMP would…

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