Neither Left Nor Right But Out In Front

This statement is an inspirational and visionary ‘green movement’ proposition that the Sustainable New Zealand Party embraces and is founded upon. It is one that the Green Party have used from time-to-time but failed miserably in delivering. This message of hope and positivity faded into the background over a period in which the NZ Green Party was increasingly dominated by the ‘Red Green’ brigade. Placing themselves to the left of Labour, they have alienated the majority of New Zealanders, limited their partnership options and, as a consequence, become an ineffectual plaything for their coalition partner to exploit and toy with.   Sustainable New Zealand, on the other hand, can genuinely proclaim and embrace the fact that we are ‘neither left, nor right but out in front’. We are a true party of sustainability – environmental, social, cultural and economic – willing and able to be an independent…

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Vernon Tava calls out ‘anti-science’ Green party

The leader of the newly formed Sustainable New Zealand Party says the country needs an alternative to the ‘ecosocialist’ Greens- who he calls ‘inherently anti-business’. Vernon Tava appeared on Newshub Nation to talk about why New Zealand is ready for a centrist, innovative environmental party. Read the full article and watch the interview on Newshub.

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